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Hello, my name is lelo
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Author:  Vive [ Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello, my name is lelo

First off, welcome to the forum!

I confess I don't think I've ever heard of an adventure game before. But maybe I'm just unfamiliar with the terminology. What you described sounds a little like Capcom's Phoenix Wright. Is that the sort of thing you want to make? Because that game is awesome. And if we mixed it with the 18th century it would be better.

I applaud your goal, is what I'm saying. Is this your career or a hobby? Sorry for bombarding you with questions but I've never actually met (er, wrote to) a game designer before. I almost thought they were aloof, mythical beings that never descended to Earth. You see the author's name underscored on the front cover of a novel, but you don't really think of the writers, designers, etc. on a video game. At least I didn't. Sorry.

Anyway, in regards to your question, I'm not a moderator, but I suspect that discussing the world insofar as the design of Versailles, would be here. That'd be a good place to discuss the physical design of the palace you want to emulate. I'd poke around most of the boards in the category '18th Century Culture and History.' You can try to grasp the general feel of the styles and moods of the people - you know, the details to chisel out the humanity of your world.

I can't help you with the exit of Marie's staircase but I'm sure someone could.

But I gotta argue, though I'm sure a lot of people here would disagree with me, that you may want to peel back the timeframe of your game from Marie and Louis XVI. Of course, this all depends on the basic plot you have in mind but I think most of your players will keep thinking of that pesky Revolution that punctuated their reign. If the main character is a comtesse trying to launch herself to the top of Versailles' pecking order, even if she reaches the goal there would be a nihilistic realization that her goal is finite and will collapse in 1789. Meanwhile if you switch the timeframe to that of the Sun King or early Louis XV there's many decades to enjoy and no bloody Revolution looming just over the horizon. But I don't know your plot outline or what the game's plot is so feel free to ignore me. :angel8:

Author:  Vive [ Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello, my name is lelo

Wow, thanks for that link. Unfortunately, I don't think any of my loved ones will be seeing me for the next few months. I am predicting a new addiction. :help:

True, Louis XVI's reign attracts a lot of interest, largely because of his wife's recent surge of popularity owed, in a large part, to Coppola's 2006 movie. I don't know if you've seen that, but ignoring the historical inaccuracies and slow storyline, it's eye candy. I do believe (and someone can correct me if I'm wrong) that it was actually filmed at Versailles, so just watching that would give you an excellent visual of the world.

I'm sure some would be disappointed but I'm not one of them. My interest in Marie Antoinette stems from her connection to the Revolution which houses some of my heroes. Unfortunately, this tends to make me hemorrhage revolutionary trivia at inappropriate times did you know Danton got gored by a bull twice as a child but I'm trying to cut down. So far, aside from accidentally starting one flame war between two fellow members, it hasn't gotten me into any trouble. The tagline for this forum is, I believe, for people interested in Marie Antoinette or the 18th century as a whole so I think we fit into the category.

Leaving the queen vague would, I think, actually add to the story. It's unlikely that the average noble or servant would brush shoulders with the queen often, if ever, so keeping her an aloof figure in the background adds to the realism, lifts the concern for historical accuracy, and allows the player to enjoy the story without fretting that they are too ignorant about the time period to enjoy it. I know when I read a historical novel or watch a historical movie about a time period I'm unfamiliar with I always feel a little left out, like I'm missing the details, especially if we have legends strutting across the stage. I think you'll appeal to a wider audience with vagueness, so excellent decision!

I'd love to help you with plot ideas if you'd like to use me as a soundboard. Of course, the status of the protagonist dictates the sort of plot you could weave, since people's lives were steered almost entirely by the class they were born into with little flexibility for eccentricity. But Versailles was a public place, so you could have your character be of practically any class and still have the palace by a primary setting. Anyone was allowed in, provided they were dressed according to etiquette, and if they weren't they could rent the proper necessities at the door.

Sorry, I ramble. But I also recommend watching the movie Ridicule. That's about a provincial noble trying to contort himself into a courtier so he can ensure the king's support on a prospected project (so a little similar to what I absentmindedly pitched earlier). It was shot at Versailles and I think it captures the styles of the time and it might just give you some ideas. :)

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