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Interesting Resemblance to Madame Campan?
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Author:  History Detective [ Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Interesting Resemblance to Madame Campan?

Hi, everyone! I was struck the other day by the curious resemblance of a portrait that is presumably of Anastasie de Lafayette to two portraits of Madame Campan, and I thought I'd ask if you all see it as well.

For references sake, the portrait that is presumably Anastasie de Lafayette came from the Maine Antique Digest at:

The first Madame Campan portrait came from the book Romances of Royalty: Memoirs of Madame Campan on Marie Antoinette and her Court with an Introduction by G. K. Fortescue, LL.D. and with a Preface by Mme. Campan, a Prefatory Memoir of Madame Campan by F. Barrière, and Notes of Conversations with Madame Campan by M. Maigne. Volume 2. Boston: J. B. Millet Company, 1909. The portrait is on about the 8th page from the cover at:

The second Madame Campan portrait came from Boris Wilnitsky Fine Art at: On this one you have to scroll way down to the final picture on the right hand side of the web page, as there is another portrait there that is not the same one I'm talking about.

Could there be any possibility the "presumed" Anastasie portrait is actually Madame Campan? A strange question to ask. Am I completely off my rocker here?

Madame Campan 2.png
Madame Campan 2.png [ 426.99 KiB | Viewed 2389 times ]
Madame Campan 1.png
Madame Campan 1.png [ 136.66 KiB | Viewed 2389 times ]
Anastasie de Lafayette.png
Anastasie de Lafayette.png [ 148.06 KiB | Viewed 2389 times ]

Author:  History Detective [ Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interesting Resemblance to Madame Campan?

P.S. I hope you can see my attachments... This is the first time I've tried to attach anything, so if it looks like I've made an error please let me know how to fix it. Thanks!

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