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Duchess Choiseul-Beaupré
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Author:  vcron [ Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Duchess Choiseul-Beaupré

Hello everyone,
I'm new here but thought someone might help me. I've seen a bracelet with lockets containing hair in a fitted box inscribed "bracelet renfermant les cheveux de la reine Marie-Antoinette, du dauphin et de Mme la dauphine. Donné par la reine à la duchesse de Choiseul-Beaupré" (bracelet containing hair of the queen Marie-Antoinette, the Dauphin and Mrs the Dauphine, Given by the queen to the Duchess de Choiseul-Beaupré). Could someone tell me who is this Duchess de choiseul-Beaupré ?
Thank you for your precious help.

Author:  baron de batz [ Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Duchess Choiseul-Beaupré

I only know that the Queen had samples of the hair of her children and husband taken from her at the Conciergerie and produced at trial I believe.

Author:  Rosalie [ Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Duchess Choiseul-Beaupré

I don't know who the duchess was, but the Choiseul-Beauprés were apparently a branch of the Choiseul family, of which Choiseul the former minister of Louis XV was a member. I've found this on Wikipedia, I don't know if it can be useful...

Author:  -Madamoiselle Sara- [ Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Duchess Choiseul-Beaupré

In the book I'm reading, it says the Duc de Choiseul was a French ambassador and was one of the 2 men (the other, Prince Kaunitz (lol it rhymes!))who drafted the Versailles Treaty in 1756.

These men are also said to have brought up the idea of marriage between Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI.
whether it's true or not i have no idea.

Author:  Rosalie [ Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Duchess Choiseul-Beaupré

Yes, it's true: infact I guessed the Duchesse de Choiseul-Beaupres could be wife of some member of the same family...but it's just a guess!

Author:  Jon A. [ Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Duchess Choiseul-Beaupré

There were two or three Choiseul's prominent in the life of Marie Antoinette. One, Etennie Choiseul was the so called Secretary of State of France and the man who arranged the marrage of August to Antonia and ceded French Canada to the British except for Saint Pierre and Miquelon. There was:
CLAUDE ANTOINE GABRIEL, CHOISEUL-STAINVILLE Duc DE (1760-1838), French soldier, was brought up at Chanteloup, under the care of his relative, Etienne Francois, duc de Choiseul, who was childless. The outbreak of the Revolution found him a colonel of the Kings dragoons, and throughout those troublous times he was distinguished for his devotion to the royal house. He took part in the attempt of Louis XVI. to escape from Paris on the 20th of June 1791 along with Fersen; was arrested with the king, and imprisoned. Liberated in May 1792, he emigrated in October, and fought in the "army of Conde" against the republic. Captured in 1795, he was confined at Dunkirk; escaped, set sail for India, was wrecked on the French coast, and condemned to death by the decree of the Directory. Nevertheless, he was fortunate enough to escape once more. Napoleon allowed him to return to France in 1801, but he remained in private life until the fall of the Empire. At the Restoration he was called to the House of Peers by Louis XVIII. At the revolution of 1830 he was nominated a member of the provisional government; and he afterwards received from Louis Philippe the post of aide-de-camp to the king and governor of the Louvre. He died in Paris on the 1st of December 1838. Last but not least was Joseph Francois Choiseul, dit Martel who moved to Tonnancour de Point du lac, QC in 1794 under the protectorship of Nicholas Montour. His family called him Charles and he died at Point du Lac in 1829 leaving a wife and six children using the sirname Martel.

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