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Author:  CrY [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Maria Carolina ... /cs_05.htm

Author:  Pimprenelle [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:01 pm ]
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Thank you, CrY. Maria-Carolina is a really fascinating person...

Author:  Therese [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:47 pm ]
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Yes, thank you, CrY! Has anyone sen the movie called "That Hamilton Woman?" It is about Emma and Lord Nelson, starring Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier. The first part takes place in Naples and they show Maria Carolina. The queen did not have the easiest marriage but she stayed with her husband through many trials, just like Antoinette.

Author:  Pimprenelle [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 4:19 pm ]
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No, Therese, I haven't seen this movie... but I'd like to ! Do you remember which actress played Maria Carolina ?

Yes, actually, Carlotta remained with her husband, but she had a lover, Acton, hadn't she ? And she ruled her husband, being a powerful queen, just like her mother was. She had a very strong temper, stronger than Antonia, I think.

She also was an erudite and an intellectual, she enjoyed politics, unlike Antoinette... and she was a freemason. So, when the French revolution killed her beloved little sister, she felt somewhat guilty...

That's so complicated ! Most of the freemasons really were idealistic people, they wanted liberty, equality and fraternity... that still is French leit-motiv. But some of them were fanatics, as the Jacobins were fanatics too, French fell into terror !

Author:  Therese [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 4:35 pm ]
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No, I can't remember who played Carolina; I will look it up on IMDb. Yes, I knew she was a freemason like Joseph and Lamballe. Many aristocrats joined the masons as a nice civic club, hoping to better the world. Strange that I heard that Carolina was closer to Leopold than to Joseph but Leopold was not a mason, I think. Joseph was closer to Antonia, although he interfered in her private business so much, and we know that our queen was no mason. Interesting.

The fanatical higher echelons of the masons caused all the problems, because they wanted to establish a new order at any price, even the abundant shedding of innocent blood.

Author:  Pimprenelle [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 5:22 pm ]
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I didn't know this, Therese... it's really interesting. How could we explain Antoinette was close to Joseph, while they were so different ? Wasn't he a too serious and rather bad tempered guy ?

I don't know much about Leopold, and it's difficult to find information about Carlotta too. I have no real biography of her, it's always part of a book or some chapters...

By the way, I recently read Fersen was a freemason too... could it be possible ? :shock:

Author:  Therese [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 5:58 pm ]
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The Queen of Naples was played by American actress Norma Drury in "That Hamilton Woman." Never heard of her....

Yes, Joseph was very awful but he was the adored big brother of Antonia, for some reason, according to Mme de Lamballe in the memoirs. The Queen of France had his portrait in her room. Leopold had about 20 children and was Emperor after Joseph and spent his short reign trying to clean up the mess his big brother had made in the Empire with his "enlightened despotism."

It shocks me that Fersen was a freemason but then he was such an odd person in many ways, a man of contradictions. Nothing about him would surprise me at this point, except his being the queen's lover.

Author:  CrY [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 5:58 pm ]
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Primpenelle j'ai trouvé un livre; son titre est: "Come Maria Carolina d'Austria venne a regnare in Napoli , 1920" mais il est en italien!

Author:  CrY [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:04 pm ]
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another site:

Author:  CrY [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:06 pm ]
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in this iste you can find the books naturally in italian :

-Cala’ Ulloa P.,Maria carolina e la conquista del Regno di Napoli, Napoli 1968;
-Coletti A.,La regina di Napoli, Novara 1986;

Author:  Therese [ Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:10 pm ]
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Very interesting! I do not read Italian, but am I right in saying that this site says that Maria Carolina was a member of the "Illuminati?" WOW. They were the highest echelon of the freemasons who plotted the revolution. Joseph was one. No wonder she felt terrible after Antoinette was killed. (I mean the Il portale del sud site.)

Author:  Therese [ Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:12 am ]
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Maria Carolina's palace was Caserta. ... serta.html

Author:  Louis-Charles [ Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:41 am ]
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Thank you Therese!

Marie-Carolin is so interesting! :D

Author:  Pimprenelle [ Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:10 am ]
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Oh yes ! If you visit Naples, you can go to Caserta and its English gardens, to the Royal Palace and to Capo di Monte. Each of the places keeps something of Maria Carolina.

Author:  Therese [ Thu Feb 22, 2007 12:46 pm ]
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I would LOVE to go there!

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