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 Review of/ what really bothers me about the 2006 movie 
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Post Review of/ what really bothers me about the 2006 movie
So I could go over to the introductory board and say "hey, I'm Ellen and not Amy." My sn is what is because of the character Amy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and she turns herself into a rat. And blah blah my life, but that stuff boring and I'd rather talk about why I came here in the first place. It was to vent about Coppola's movie. I know there's already a thread for it but if I post my thoughts there I'm afraid my opinion will just be lost in the wave of the regular posters. Okay, so talking now.
I'll start out by saying I don't think it is a good movie. That's not because I think it's not historically incorrect but because it's a sad, dull movie. I don't like that the dialogue is often mumbled, I don't like how slowly paced it is, I don't like the overly subtle performances, and I don't like that the 80s soundtrack breaths no extra life into the movie making it simply out of place. The last one makes me especially sad. I remember seeing the trailers and add for this and being excited. I love when the "old" and "historic" is given an anachronistic tweaking in movies. However, the soundtrack is let down by the muted tone of the whole movie. But one thing that I think is the most "wrong" was the portrayal of Marie Antoinette and Louis VI's relationship. The movie does nothing to create any kind of emotional connection to them or even to Louis as a character on his own.
There's plenty of historical evidence that, while it distant at first, the two of them grew to have love for each other. The nature of that love may not be romantic as we think of it today, but there was clearly loyalty and devotion. Louis stepped outside of rigid French ceremony for the sake of Marie and their family more than once. During the difficult birth of their first child, he torn off the tapes that sealed the windows to keep MA from fainting. The delivery room was full of courtiers, as was custom, but the pair of them stopped that for the births of their other children. Another big deal was that Marie wanted a say in educating their children, and Louis supported her, breaking with an important tradition. Plus he gave her Petit Trianon which became her refuge away from the court, a place that was very important to her. There's evidence that she loved Louis, too. My guess is that she evidently saw his allowances for her to have many freedoms as a sign of love and then returned it. Here's a quote from a French historian who witnessed MA's reaction after Louis went to Paris after storming of the Bastille:
"This princess, as virtuous as she was amiable, whom monsters later on accused of having never loved her husband, was absolutely in despair. As soon as she heard the King's carriage entering the Cour Royale she ran towards him holding the Dauphin in her arms, then breathless and almost fainting she fell into those of the King who was no less moved than she was. Holding out one hand to his children who covered it with kisses, with the other wiping the tears from the eyes of Marie-Antoinette and Madame Elisabeth, Louis XVI smiled again...he kept on repeating: 'Happily no blood was shed, and I swear that not a drop of French blood will ever be shed on my orders.'"
Plus, She absolutely refused to leave him when things went badly for them and refused to eat or do any exercise after he died. So yeah, the complete void that should have been filled by an actual relationship in the movie does really bother me.
Not to say there was a much better job with MA herself, in my opinion. I mean I "get" the whole unhappy and lonely teen who surrounds herself with things to keep her distracted from her real problems, but the movie never seems to have her character grow out of that in a real way.
Okay, bile cleansed. Smilies! It's been awhile since I've been to a forum with smilies. :cat: :fish: :wave:

Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:19 pm
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Post Re: Review of/ what really bothers me about the 2006 movie
Hello ! Welcome to the forum.

I agree with most of your post, especially as far as her feelings vis à vis Louis XVI are concerned.

I do think that MA should be deemed to have been faithful to her husband, unless the contrary is proven beyond reasonable doubt. We have on the other hand plenty of elements pointing at her growing fondness for the King, her husband. There are only a few flimsy assertions and letters concerning Fersen. I would not go that far as to saying that she ever felt any love for her husband. Marriages back then had nothing to do with the "bourgeois" happiness we all dream of. But as Fraser puts it, considering that it was an arranged marriage, it was a fine one.

We have discussed that subject in great lenght already in the various the MA/ Fersen relationship threads, so I am sure your insight would be a great add.

I am really glad we have a new fellow member, and I hope you'll become a regular visitor here.)

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Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:35 pm

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Post Re: Review of/ what really bothers me about the 2006 movie
I might call it love, but only after they left Versailles. They went through such tense, emotional hell and situations like that tend to bring you ever closer to the handful of people you know you can rely on. I think that no physical lovin' happened between Fersen and Antoinette, as there is no evidence. I think that they at most had something of an emotional affair where they were enamored of each other and spoke more deeply to each other than plantation friends. You know I'd like to see that in a movie portrayal of her. Maybe it's been done, but where you'd have hints of a possible relationship between the two but she turns him, and her feelings, down for the sake of being queen. Sure as hell would make he seem way more mature than she did in the 2006 movie. I mean having sympathy for the silly teen who's lost in the world she was forced into only goes so far and Marie did grow up, I wish the movie would have too.

Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:41 pm
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