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Author:  Sillage de la Reine [ Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:16 am ]
Post subject:  Female French Artist/Sculptor

Is there anyone here that is an expert on French art history because I need help on looking up the name Madame Leon (Helene) Bertaux. My husband was working on a customers house who had just bought it and remodeling his home. He saw his customer dragging out a piece of beautiful vitrine out from the garage and onto his yard. My husband was curious to know what the guy was planning to do with it and asked, and sure enough his customer was going to throw it out with the rest of the wood chips and 2×4 wood boards. My husband who loves antiques as much as I do, saw the possible value insisted he would take it off his hands and pick it up later with our pickup truck. The house owner was happy about that and reserved it for now we have it in our home...and we didn't pay anything for it since it was going to be "trash" anyways. I am stoked!

Then we made a remarkable discovery of an engraved name on the medal oval plaque by the name BERTAUX. I looked up the name, did some research, but not enough history is out there about this artist. All I've learned is that she was a well known French artist/sculptor of the 19th century. She was considered a genius among her male peers but wasn't credited enough due to her gender and she revolutionized the womens reputation in the art world in the 1880s and 1890s. The piece I have at home is engraved with only the name BERTAUX, while her other pieces had Mme Leon I figured my vitrine was probably before she married one of her students and that means my newfound treasure is from C. 1850s.

Does anyone know anymore information on her...I would highly appreciate it.

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