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The reaction of Marie's family
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Author:  antiquefinder [ Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:01 am ]
Post subject:  The reaction of Marie's family

Does anyone know the reactions of Marie's family upon hearing of her and Louis death sentence? Did anyone in her family try to save her?

Author:  Ludy [ Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The reaction of Marie's family

They were aghast. You have to understand that Marie-Antoinette's execution triggered a wave of shock throughout Europe, as it was in many ways an unprecendented event (although royals had been executed in the past). So that in itself already speaks volume about how her close-ones must have felt about it. Maria-Carolina of Naples even ended up insane. We know for instance that Empress Marie-Louise, albeit relatively distantly related to Marie-Antoinette, felt strongly against the French before she married Napoleon, and was filled with horror and fear when she was apprised of her upcoming marriage.

I do need to point out, as Lilly probably already did, that calling the Queen Marie is inaccurate. This mistake is widely bandied about, so much that I came across it in historian Tackett's writings -much to my dismay, considering how well-versed on the subject he is.

It seems it only pops up in the English-speaking world, perhaps because two-part names are much less common than in France and perhaps other countries. In France two-part first names are always hyphenated, so is Marie-Antoinette in the French version. The hyphen does indicate that a double-part name is a name in itself, distinct from its two components (Marie and Antoinette). Therefore it neither usual nor advisable to separate the two parts.

I do not mean to berate you in any way, but we forum members tend to be sticklers for historical accuracy - and isn't it the whole point of this forum, after all ?

I hope you will enjoy your time on here.

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