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Author:  CrY [ Tue Apr 04, 2006 9:49 pm ]

It has told that some particular historical characters have had their lives charachterized by the numbers! Marie Antoinette was dominated by the numer 4!
*her marriage: 16 may 1770 (16= 4x4), *with Louis XVI (16=4x4), *she was beheaded in 16 October (16=4x4)

Author:  Pimprenelle [ Wed Apr 05, 2006 8:27 am ]
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Well, dear CrY... it's always possible to additione numbers and to find meanings... :roll:

Author:  CrY [ Wed Apr 05, 2006 12:17 pm ]
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I have found it in a book of mistery: I know it is stupid! :shock:

Author:  Hellou_Librorum [ Wed May 07, 2008 9:38 pm ]

Now that you mention it that is odd. In 1770 Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were married. In 1774 they became king and queen. In 1778 the marriage was consummated. The Diamond Necklace Affair was in 1785. The Revolution started in 1789. Marie Antoinette died four years after in 1793.

Author:  ShaktiValkyrie [ Thu May 08, 2008 12:24 am ]

I found this kind of interesting so I did one of those free numerology reports for her using her birth name. By going here:

I got this:
This is Your Free Numerology Reading

This reading is based on —
Birth Name: Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen
Birth Date: 11/2/1755 (November 2, 1755)
Your Inner or Soul's Urge: This is spiritual and emotional expression more than physical. It is your heart-felt desires, your incentive, how you look at life. Here are your areas of personal satisfaction. Number: 6

You desire responsibility, steadfast love, a harmonious home, domesticity, and maintaining long-standing family traditions. The perfect environment for you has ease, comfort, beauty, music, and harmony.

You empathize with those who, through no fault of their own, are suffering. You are sympathetic to the needs of humanity. If you knew how, you would correct all injustice as a cosmic parent or guardian would. You have a good sense of loyalty and are a natural counselor.

You are artistic, kind, understanding, inclined toward conventionality but broad-minded. When your emotions aren't too involved, you are a fine judge of character.

Your life can be richer if you cultivate firmness and assertiveness to better balance your emotions and sense of justice, and realize that others have their own valid points of view.

Your Personality: This is physical expression more than spiritual or emotional; your outer self, the way you express when meeting others. It may or may not be the real you. Number: 3

You are seen as a colorful, cheerful, and entertaining person; a natural host or hostess. You can cheer up a lifeless party. Friends are important to you, and you are easy to talk to.

In communication, you tend to elaborate and exaggerate in the direction of color and creativity, preferring to overlook the drab and mundane.

If you take on too many activities at once, you can appear superficial or contrived.

You probably enjoy wearing jewelry and fancy clothing. Just don't overdress or wear extreme styles in relation to the occasion.

Your Quiescent Self: Stripping away all outside influences, aspirations, ambitions, "shoulds", and "shouldn'ts" -- this is you when you are alone; just you and your dreams.. Number: 3

You are popular, attractive, and sought after. You are successful in one or more artistic fields -- designing, decorating, painting, acting, singing, sculpting, or related arts. A guest list is not complete without your name. You are applauded for your talents and spread happiness wherever you go. It all comes natural to you.

Your thoughts and pleasure are related to seeding happiness and personal recognition of your artistic talents.

Your Destiny or Ultimate Goal: This is your desired lifetime accomplishment. It is a key to a useful and happy life, and to feeling fulfillment during your latter days. Number: 9

Your destiny is service to mankind and representing all that is fine, true, and generous. This is easier with tolerance, compassion, and understanding. You have tremendous power to warm the hearts of humanity and to stimulate the perception of beauty.

You have an eye for beauty and perfection and are inspirational, kind, understanding, generous, an inspired artist, intuitive, and psychic. You give freely of your emotions, your skill, and your leadership purely for the benefit of mankind. You have the ability to use words effectively and artistically, both written and verbal.

You are artistic, beautiful, strong, courteous, kind, impulsive, emotional, harmonious, and have an impressive personality.

Your Life's Path: Here are clues to what fate has in store for you. It indicates the type of encounters, events, and opportunities you are likely to experience along your physical life path. Number: 22

Your path is service on a large and constructive scale, using your power with a spiritual and idealistic intent. You have the ability to uplift and make magnificent the useful and practical and to base your construction and organization upon social principles. You dream of peace, happiness, work, and prosperity.

You are a worker and can be decidedly dedicated to your goals. You tend to be practical, and like to have your facts straight before beginning a project. You can handle money well and tend to keep resources in reserve.

You have a strong sense of what is right and are naturally honest, conscientious, and sincere. You tend to be conservative and protective, with a strong sense of dignity and worthiness.

You can find opportunities in international movements or large commercial, philanthropic, and political institutions and with those countries and races you perceive need improvement and expansion. Whether or not you lead the organizations, your contributions will be vital to its success.

This Year's Path: Here is what you are likely to encounter this year -- your feelings, your predominant perspective, and the type of situations, circumstances, and opportunities you tend to attract during the calendar year. Number: 5

This is a year of change for you, a year to get out of the rut. Your opportunities are found outside ordinary routine. New opportunities and new conditions are manifesting (some may appear unexpectedly) -- new relationships, new ideas, new contacts, new enterprises, new plans -- more freedom, more variety, more travel -- broader fields of interest and activity.

It is a year of new experiences -- change, growth, fun, freedom. You feel an inner push to go do something, anything, so long as it's a new experience. You notice more opportunities to travel. It is time to take advantage of the prevailing atmosphere of change and variety to learn something new. The year adds new life and color to your undertakings.

The changes can be thrilling and inspiring. Now is the time to take advantage of the enhanced sense of freedom you feel and create new outlets for your genius. It is also a time to let older people and children inspire you.

If you have a business, you may wish to advertise more than usual, possibly presenting your business with a new, even unique, angle.

Next Year's Path. Number: 6

This is a year of service for you, a duty year. You feel you're assuming new responsibilities. People make more demands of you this year. You are needed in many directions.

Warmth and good will toward others, along with love and harmony, will make everything worthwhile. Justice, fair play, and honesty are important. It is a year for unselfish service.

Take care of your health because without it you cannot help others. Find time for rest and relaxation. This is a year to be thorough and conscientious about everything that you do.

It is a year of fine and friendly influence for marriage, tranquil home conditions, and traditional family activities. You may feel a strong desire to get settled.

Last Year's Path. Number: 4

This is a practical year; no long leisurely periods for dreaming, personal indulgence, or careless living. It is a time to build the firm and secure foundation upon which your future depends, using practical values and steady application. It is also the time to work out the details of that project you've been thinking about. Read the fine print of all transactions.

This is the year to find where you stand in life, and to be practical about it -- to pay attention to details.

This year demands a lot of work, not only to improve the present but also to build practical foundations for the future. Your diligence brings commensurate rewards. With good sense, you can meet all requirements and experience satisfactory gain.

Your gatherings, meetings, parties, and trips are mostly related to work or business.

As part of the practical focus of this year, attend to health matters.

Author:  Délicate fleur [ Thu May 08, 2008 3:16 am ]

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Author:  Anouk [ Thu May 08, 2008 5:32 pm ]

Welcome to this forum, ShaktiValkyrie :!:

Author:  ShaktiValkyrie [ Thu May 08, 2008 9:14 pm ]

Thank you very much! I was excited to have found this place! :)

Author:  Rosalie [ Thu May 08, 2008 9:18 pm ]

Welcome! :D
And well, I've never believed very much in numerology but I must confess that I made a try with my birthday and it was amazingly true...Weird!

Author:  Anouk [ Fri May 09, 2008 7:20 am ]

Right, sometimes it's hard to believe but true. Amazing! :P

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