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Important places in Marie Antoinette's life
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Author:  unepetitefleur [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Important places in Marie Antoinette's life

It seems this forum has become a little abandoned, but I would also love to hear everyone's thoughts on this topic. I am going to Paris and Versailles in October, so I am gathering all info on places I would like to visit, and it is not a surprise, a lot of those I want to see are associated with MA.
So far I have (besides Versailles, Petit Trianon and MA's estate) Basilique St Denis, Carnavalet (museum that has some atributes once belonged to MA or her family among other notorious people of French history, I have heard that it also has a copy of the room she lived in while in Le Temple prison, but I didn't find this info in museum's official site, so I am not sure about it) on my list, as well as Square du Temple where Le Temple used to be and Tuileries garden where palais des Tuileries used to stand.
What I find interesting, I will be leaving Paris on a day, which marks 220th anniversary of MA's death...

Anyway - I hope someone adds some interesting info to this topic soon!

Author:  Lilly [ Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Important places in Marie Antoinette's life

Although there continues to be a treasure trove of information, Participation on this forum is all but dead. Administration is still here - otherwise this board would have been taken over by spammers by now!

In regard to your post - first, have a great time in Paris! I always visit in the Autumn - but it can be very rainy. Twice, my visits to Versailles were accompanied by rain! Anyhow, you'll likely want to visit the Concierge and the Place de la Concorde (formerly the Place de la Revolution) - also the Chapel Expiatoire.
Please let us know how your trip goes.

Author:  unepetitefleur [ Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Important places in Marie Antoinette's life

Oh, I couldn't log in for eternity - I had forgotten my password and e-mail. But now everything is ok again :roll:

Thank you, Lilly, for your kind response - I actually just returned from Paris and it rained only on the first day of my trip, and the day I went to see Versailles it was so sunny and beautiful all day, although a bit chilly.
I could easily imagine MA taking a nice walk around chateau gardens on a day like that.

To be honest, I saw very little of the actual palace - just rooms of Mesdames, - because I spent almost all day exploring gardens with musical fountains and, of course - Petit Trianon and MA's estate, where I even tasted some grapes that grew there in the alley (hope it is not considered too illegal - they tasted sooo good). Versailles are so much bigger than I expected! Petit Trianon was wonderful, I could easily see why MA loved it there. Her estate was awesome to see - I think me and my companions were the last people to stay there (it was well beyond the time until which visitors were actually welcomed, but we just couldn't leave), we were there alone and the feeling was magical - quiet twilight had fallen on the fields and gardens, nobody else was in sight as far as the eye could see and some random lights started to appear in the windows of little estate houses. We also got to feed animals in the farm with some grass right before that. I didn't want to leave at all - there was perfect harmony all around us.

My husband took a lot - and I mean A LOT - of pictures in Petit Trianon and in MA's estate, so - if anyone is interested in something specific, please let me know - I can post some of the pictures here.

I am aware that this forum is dead, but I thought I'd share my experience if someone ever wanders into this topic.

Besides Versailles I got to see St Denis Basilique (AMAZING) and necropolis within it and I also visited Carnavalet, which has some unique items that belonged to MA (including a pendant with her hair strand).

I skipped Place de la Concorde this time. I hope to go back to Paris next year and explore more. Chapel Expiatoire sounds very interesting, too.

Author:  Arietta [ Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Important places in Marie Antoinette's life

unepetitefleur wrote:
I hope to go back to Paris next year and explore more. Chapel Expiatoire sounds very interesting, too.

I went to the Chapel while I was in Paris last year only to discover it was closed. It's only open limited hours during the week. I snapped a few photos. There's a park surrounding the place.

Whenever you're back in Paris, another neat museum to visit is the Musee du Moyen-Ages. No, it's not M-A related, nevertheless a fascinating trove on the Middle Ages. The famed Sorbonne University is close by too.

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