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Fresh news on the Robespierre's front.
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Author:  Ludy [ Sat Dec 21, 2013 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Fresh news on the Robespierre's front. (French) (English -original article)

Scientists have reconstituted Robespierre's facial features based on a copy of the death mask made by Madame Tussaud. You can have a look at the image, which I think dovetails with what we know of his looks.

The scientist (Phillipe Floesch) and his team reached the following conclusions :

1° Health :

As evidentiated by the computerized image, Robespierre's face was speckled with smallpox scars.

Additionally, Robespierre may have sufferred from a very rare auto-immune disease known as sarcoidosis. A range of hypotheses had been advanced so far in an attempt to explain Robespierre's rapidly deteriorating health condition.

The symptoms he displayed (as reported by himself and his personal doctor) included recurring ulcers on his legs, jaundice, yellowish retinas, persistent and severe nosebleeds, nodules around the nose and an increasingly blurred vision.

2° Injury

Robespierre as we know sufferred a gunshot in the jaw: he wore a bandage on his way to the scaffold, which was later taken off, leaving Robespierre in extreme pain for the remaining of his journey to the scaffold.

One theory is that Robespierre had tried to commit suicide on the day he was brought down. The study of the mask, however, bore out the most widely accepted theory, i.e that Robespierre was shot by one of his opponents, at a distance of at least 2 meters.

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