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Adelaide Labille-Guiard
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Author:  Vive [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:51 am ]
Post subject:  Adelaide Labille-Guiard

So Adelaide Labille-Guiard was a portrait painter in the 18th century who preserved the likenesses of characters ranging from Madame Elisabeth to Maximilien Robespierre. She has a particularly sentimental hold on me because my fascination with the portrait of his latter figure was the catalyst that got be researching the French Revolution in the first place. Since I'm here, I think it goes without saying that I enjoyed myself and I am appreciative of Madame Labille-Guiard for piquing my interest.

So I thought I'd share some examples of her work:

Madame Roland, aka Queen of the Girondins

Madame Elisabeth

The dauphin, according to the website I heisted this from. There's no date but I'm assuming it's Louis-Joseph rather than Louis-Charles. By the time Louis-Charles was of that age I don't believe anyone much cared to preserve his image for posterity, poor thing.

My personal favorite and what started my madness in the first place. It has the distinction of being used as the basis of my avatar. I'm sure Adelaide would have been honored. :lol:

And the artist herself:


I ostentatiously hotlinked like it was going out of style - in my defense, my photobucket is down my devilry is still not justified at all but that's my justification and lets me can sleep at night. But what this means is I would not be surprised if the images I painstakingly commandeered were replaced by a joke image or taken down altogether (aside from Robespierre because I had a url of that image on hand)

Her homage website that I visited and victimized is here:
And every image and more can be found there. Check it out and enjoy.

Anyone have any particular favorite pieces of hers, know any interesting trivia about her, etc? Or perhaps there's someone you think is more deserving of attention from the 18th century? Share, I say!

Edit: And upon posting this I realized there is an entire board for Art of the 18th century. That would have been a far more appropriate place to put this thread. I apologize; I hadn't noticed the other board. It being at the top of my screen with big bold letters shouting 'Art' was too subtle for me I guess....

Author:  baron de batz [ Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adelaide Labille-Guiard

Interesting anecdote about Madame Labiille-Guiard. Her parents owned the fancy linen store where a young Mlle lange worked (Madame du Barry) so the two young ladies knew each other. However it was Mme Labille-Guiard's rival Vigée Lebrun that ended up painting the favourite.

Author:  Vive [ Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adelaide Labille-Guiard

Wow, that's interesting. I wonder if Du Barry was indignant at the memory of working for Labille-Guiard's family and so purposefully chose the rival or if it was just a silly coincidence.

My curiosity about this woman couldn't be abated. I bought her biography on amazon. I'm actually really excited about this.

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